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becoming a cold hearted bitch wasnt really what i planned to do with my life but here i am "..

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This is my promise:
I will be there
if you are there.

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لا تبحث عني بعد أن فقدّتني باختيارك؛ فأنا حينها سأبحث عن ألف طريقة لأتجنبك بها

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I love that moment. When you’re on a long car ride, or listening to music, or reading. And you completely zone out. You forget your troubles, and everyone around you. You’re focused on that one thing, and that one thing only. You’re content, and everything seems peaceful.

Note to self (1/?)

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The person who broke you can’t be the one to fix you. Remember that.

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Please be careful with me. Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why. I’m sorry.
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